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Leah Corman of Highland Heights is back for her second year of Lighten Up. She said "this year is my year."

Saturday, April 12, 2014


In 5 days ill be in florida definetly not at the weight I wanted to be but I do feel better about myself. I am feeling stronger if anything else still need to work on the eating habits but my 13 year old is actually pushing me which is really great cuz we ran together for the first time and it was so great spending that little bit of time with her without arguing she is 13 after all,, so id like to keep doing this with her 4-5 nights a week!!


I just realized the blog I sent last week never sent and went into drafts so I have some catching up to do. After our weigh in and reading the paper to see how everyone was doing I started reading some blogs , how inspiring some are! I saw Katie usually allows for a cheat day the day after weigh in and decided this time not to and she had a great weight loss,, Im going to do that next weigh in for sure!!

Saturday, March 29, 2014


well had to work today so no clue how I did hope I can go to weigh in with Jaime on monday morning I havent heard back from him. Hope every one had succsess this month with there weight loss goals.

Sunday, March 16, 2014


Well I woke up this morning went for a 4mile walk it was FREEZING,, went to church, went shopping, then just havent stopped till jus now,, cleaned house, did landry, cleaned out freezer, have about 10 bags for good will of clothes,shoes and toys we dont need. I love staying busy it keeps my mind off of things I dont want to  think about and It also keeps me away from snacking on things I shouldnt be eating.13 more days till weigh in I dont want to check my weight at this time but my goal is to be down 5 more I would have Loved 10 but st this point I will be happy if I hit a 5lb loss. 13 days I can do it!!

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Well I went t gym my class was switched again cant seem to get in the swing of things. I amdealing with a very rough break up and It has left me so damn depressed that I dont want to do a damn thing, I no ths is for weight loss but I just wish that he loved me theway I loved him and this should motivate m to work out and look hot but all I want to do is eat or nothing and I really need to get out of this. I feel like the ugliest person on the planet and when you feel this way you just dont care I probably gained 5 maybe even 10 lbs Idk I have nt even stepped on the scale and 2 weeks from now I have to. I WILL get out of this funk but for today its just worst dayever for me I am usually the positive one pushing all my friends and family to do better and right now I am the one who needs that push and i just dont feel like i have anyone here to push me. :( Oh well tomorow will be better then today. Next post wont be so crappie I promise hope no one reads this or maybe I do for some motivation. Ok hope EVERYONE is doing wayyy better then me and will post gain tomorow.

Friday, March 7, 2014


Well I'm going to an out of town concert with my daughter and we Will be dining out so I'm really nervous hope I survive this.

Sunday, March 2, 2014


Well unfortunetly I twisted my ankle which prevented me from doing anything exercise and its been a full week now and I feel like I gained 10lbs i really hope not but I am starting to feel better I just cant believ how hard it is to get back on after only a week off,, and this weather doesnt help. Well heres to a new week!!