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Leah Corman of Highland Heights is back for her second year of Lighten Up. She said "this year is my year."

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


As of Monday I kinda fell off the wagon it was my moms birthday so went out to dinner INSTEAD of zumba, she chose olive garden (thanks mom) was suppose to be just me her and then my kids wanted to go and then my sister invited herself too and of course NO ONE had money so 100.00 later and probably 2000 calories I just messed up. Instead of moving on Tue I ate the leftovers. Today I was planning on just getting back on track but on my walk the guy at the store offered me a canoli omg why couldn't I just say no??? Once I get a taste that's it there is no samples with me I am like a smoker to nicotine or a crack head to crack but me,,, it's sweets. It's still early just about 2;30 I'm sure I can burn this off just 1more problem have to take daughter to softball tonight so unless I can find her a ride I may Miss another zumba class and that Will be bad ok fingers crossed for this but I'm sewing my mouth shut today. Except veggies.


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