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Leah Corman of Highland Heights is back for her second year of Lighten Up. She said "this year is my year."

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Still sick week 2 :(

So,, week 2now and I'm starting to get better I fear I gained every thing I worked so hard at losing . Not even gonna step on scale till weigh in I want to be surprised with what it is, I was supposed to go to zumba tonight but still stuffy and it's cold outside so I'm gonna push myself tomorrow for sure!!! I don't no how to tell all the other contestants but i'm going to a class in mentor tomorrow and it's only 5.00 i would love to invite people but i'm still a little clueless on computer I have my 12year old help me a lot. Ok I may bundle and walk tonight just to say I did something.


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